Control your Philips Hue Lighting System via Garmin Connect IQ

by Achim Seufert

What it does...

HueCIQ lets you control your Philips Hue lighting system using a (wearable) Connect IQ device from Garmin.

The following actions can be applied either to individual lights or whole light groups:

  • switching on/off
  • changing color
  • changing brightness

This is done by using a Connect IQ app plus its companion Android app; utilizing both the official Connect IQ SDK and the official Philips Hue SDK.

What you need...

How it works...

Once you've installed the two HueCIQ apps simply run the Android app to establish both the connection to your wearable device and the connection to your lighting system.
After that the HueCIQ Android app will run as a background service; executing the commands received from the Connect IQ-device.

How it works

And that's about it. ;-)

Where to get...

Android App

Google Play

Connect IQ App

Connect IQ Store

Source Code


Continuous Integration

Travis CI

How to start troubleshooting...

... then there probably are issues trying to communicate with the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

Usually these log-entries should appear when entering the console-screen (in reverse order since the latest messages are put on top of the stack):
  • <your CIQ-device> CONNECTED
  • Requesting app-info from <your CIQ-device>
  • HueCIQ found on <your CIQ-device>. Starting background service.
  • Available Hue light/group infos sent to device.
  • ...
If there are no furher entries after "Requesting app-info ..." then make sure that Garmin Connect Mobile is really running.
It also sometimes helps to jump into the Garmin Connect Mobile app, bringing it to the foreground and triggering certain events.
... then try to use the "Test lights" function in the Android app's console screen. This will make all of your registered lights blink for a short while.
If they blink then you'll know that communication between the Android device and the Philips lighting system definitely works. So there must be something wrong with the communication between the ConnectIQ device and the Android app.
Double check that your Bluetooth-connection (from CIQ-device to Android-device) is working; also check if the Garmin Connect Mobile app is running.
... then please check if the ...

  • Android device-firmware,
  • ConnectIQ device-firmware,
  • and especially the GarminConnectIQ Mobile App
... got updated recently.

All these components rely on each other. There have been issues in the past where changes in the API/SDK and also bugs within these systems caused severe problems.
... you can clear the cached bridge-addresses from the options-menu of the first screen of the Android app and start a new search.

Whom to contact...

For comments, requests, suggestions, bugreports or contributions you can reach me via email at:

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